Kleaner Spray is a toxin cleaner to avoid false positive THC tests in saliva and sweat.

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Kleaner Spray is a toxin cleaner, easy to use and super effective to avoid testing positive for THC in drug tests.

The effects of THC do not last more than 24 hours, but on the contrary, THC remains in our body for much longer. We could test positive for THC in a drug test even 48 hours after having smoked or consumed cannabis. This is called a false positive in a saliva or sweat test, as we are not under the effects of any drug, but we still test positive.

Instructions for use and how to use

Oral use:

  • Kleaner Spray is super practical and easy to use, just apply 2 to 3 sprays directly into the mouth and rinse your mouth with the liquid for 1 minute.
  • The effect of Kleaner Spray on saliva is effective 30 minutes after use and its effect can last up to 1 hour. On long journeys, the process can be repeated several times.
  • Do not swallow the product (spit) although if you swallow it unintentionally, absolutely nothing will happen.

Topical use:

  • Spray kleaner 2 or 3 times directly onto the palms of the hands and spread it on the neck, forehead and sweaty areas. You can also use a handkerchief dampened with Kleaner.
  • The effect of Kleaner Spray on sweat is instantaneous and usually lasts between 3 and 5 hours.

Kleaner is designed to avoid false positives in both saliva and sweat drug tests. Never use it to camouflage a positive drug test, if you are under the influence of drugs do not drive, it is dangerous for you and others.

Composition of Kleaner Spray


  • Water
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Neem Extract
  • Xanthan gum


  • Do not smoke after using kleaner
  • Do not eat or drink while kleaner is in effect.
  • If it is not used 30 minutes before the drug test, you may test positive. But the second test is done 30 minutes later and you will no longer test positive.
  • Use Kleaner only to avoid false positives.
  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs, it is dangerous for you and others.

Video of Kleaner Spray:

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