Power Clean by Bio Technology is a product that is used as a final cleaner, thanks to this product we will obtain a harvest with better flavour and aroma.

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POWER CLEAN by Bio Technology is a final cleaning solution, which is used during the last week of flowering to remove fertilizer residues and thus improve the taste and aroma of the harvest.

It accelerates the washing of roots in cannabis plants, sends the plants an end-of-life signal allowing the assimilation and evacuation of the elements not synthesized in the tissues.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor crops, whether in soil, coco, hydro or aeroponics.

Benefits of using Bio Technology Power Clean

  • It can be used in organic crops.
  • Allows for better crop yields.
  • Eliminates fertiliser residues during the final phase.
  • Improves the taste and aroma of the crop.

Dosage and directions for use of Power Clean

  • Shake well before use.
  • Mix 3 to 5ml per litre of irrigation.
  • Use in every irrigation from the beginning of the cleaning process until harvest.

For more information consult Bio Technology’s dosage table.


  • Magnesium: 0.6%.
  • Sulphur: 1.3%.

Bio Technology Power Clean technical data sheet

  • Function: Final cleaning (improves quality).
  • Composition: Mineral (can be used on organic crops).
  • Application stage: Final stage of cultivation.
  • Type of crop: Soil, coco, hydro and aero.
  • Capacity: Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t swallow.
  • Once opened, keep for a maximum of 2 years.
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