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Destroy OG Regular are regular cannabis seeds from Xtreme Seeds seed bank that you can buy in our online grow shop. Born from an elite clone from OG Kush (Mandril OG) with a Deep Chunk male, genetics from the mountains of Afghanistan.

Destroy OG Regular Growing Information

This is an indica plant, so it grows very compact and stubby. Its growth is slow, but in the flowering phase it will stretch so much that the side branches will reach the central bud. Destroy OG Regular is a robust plant, with strong stems and branches, huge leaves with reddish and purple tones. Its buds are very resinous, rock hard and have a complex fragrance.

Indoor cultivation

In cultivation under lamps we should give it a growth cycle of about 30 days, or a little more, due to its somewhat slow growth. It is not a commercial variety, so its yield is average, but Destroy OG Regular stands out mainly for the quality of its flowers. It will be ready to harvest in only 65 days of flowering.

Outdoor cultivation

If we grow Destroy OG Regular outdoors we should use good sized pots to maximize root development and plant enlargement. If we want to stimulate the root development even more, we can use Bio Rhizotonic. It will be ready to be harvested at the end of September.

Flavour and aroma for the discerning palate

The taste is a real treat for the discerning palate. Its diesel, spicy and peppery notes, together with the aroma of wet earth, fuel and exotic spices, make it a delight.

Very narcotic medicinal effect

Destroy OG Regular produces an excellent effect to combat stress, pain, anxiety and even sleep problems. Being an indica plant, its effect is very physical, powerful and very narcotic, so it is not recommended for amateurs or sporadic consumers.

Characteristics of Destroy OG Regular by Xtreme Seeds:

  • Genetics: Mandril OG x Deep Chunk
  • Genotype: 85% Indica – 15% Sativa
  • Flowering indoor: 65 days
  • Harvest outdoor: End of September
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