A very important tool for growing both indoors and outdoors is a microscope or magnifying glass. With them we can observe in advance what our sight does not see, taking the appropriate measures to prevent the spread of pests, fungi, diseases and others in which our plants may be affected.


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Explore your growing: Microscopes and magnifying glasses in the growing of marijuana plants

With microscopes and magnifying glasses we will get a detailed observation of our marijuana plants, which is essential to evaluate their health and development. In this sense, microscopes and magnifying glasses become indispensable tools for the growing grower who is looking for a thorough and precise control.

Expand your vision with microscopes

A microscope is like a window into the invisible. It gives you the ability to observe trichomes, the tiny resin glands that house valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Examining trichomes under different magnifications helps you determine the optimal time to harvest, as they change colour as they mature.

Precision magnifiers

Magnifying glasses are a more portable and affordable option. They are ideal for quick and detailed observations. With different levels of magnification, magnifying glasses allow you to closely examine trichomes, leaves and other aspects of your plants. They are especially useful for pest control and early detection of problems.

Choose from the variety on the market

On the market you will find a variety of microscopes and magnifiers with different magnification levels. Digital microscopes allow you to capture images and videos of your observations for further analysis. Hand-held magnifiers are handy to carry with you in the garden for quick inspections.

Choice of magnifications

In addition to the wide variety of models, it is important to choose the magnification level, which depends on your objective. To observe the trichomes for optimal maturity for harvesting, a magnification of at least 60x is recommended. Higher magnifications, such as 100x or 200x, are ideal for inspecting smaller details and determining plant health problems.

In short, microscopes and magnifying glasses are essential tools for the marijuana grower looking for exceptional control and precision in their growing process. By observing trichomes and other aspects of your plants, you can make informed harvesting decisions and detect problems early. Whether you choose a digital microscope or a handheld magnifying glass, these tools will help you maximise the quality and yield of your growing.

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