The Paraphernalia section of The Maria Shop is extensive but careful, we only offer the highest quality products in order to provide the experience that smokers and consumers who trust us are looking for. With an assortment of nozzles of different materials, grinders with many sizes that crush the buds, collect the resin in a lower compartment. In addition to a range of exact measurement scales that are capable of weighing our buds from values ​​of 1 micron.

Paraphernalia from The Maria Shop has grinders made of light materials but so durable and solid that they will become your perfect companion, others are huge, perfect for installing them in the dining room at home, and some are mini-sized to keep in your pocket and carry around. anywhere. Different brands are the ones that nourish the models that are available in our store, with diverse materials, colors, finishes and fun motifs that do not reduce the quality of their materials at all.

We also offer in The Maria Shop Paraphernalia a selection of information and help books for self-cultivation of Cannabis, which facilitate everyone's access to this exciting world or serve as a reference guide for the...


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Showing 31 - 45 of 225 items