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Is it possible to overdose on marijuana?

Is it possible to overdose on marijuana?

Many marijuana users wonder if it is possible to overdose on cannabis, the answer is yes, but a cannabis overdose does not have the same consequences as other drugs.

A marijuana overdose is understood to be intoxication by THC consumption, but can I die from a marijuana overdose?

It is said that you would have to smoke approximately 680 grams of marijuana in 15 minutes (which is impossible) for the intoxication to be fatal. These figures are estimates and may vary from person to person.

But you can not only suffer from marijuana intoxication by smoking, in many cannabis clubs they sell food products with THC. But to consume products with THC you have to know that the effect is not the same as when you smoke joints, when you ingest marijuana the effect takes longer to rise, and it is more difficult to control a pleasant effect and easier for you to suffer an overdose of THC.

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What happens if you smoke too much cannabis?

When you smoke too much marijuana, the high will no longer be pleasant, most marijuana smokers have had this happen to them at some point, they have smoked too much and got a Whitey or greening.  You will feel sweating more than usual, dizziness, nausea, your blood pressure may drop and in some cases you may feel your pulse quicken.

It is easy to spot when you have smoked too much, because the effect is really quite unpleasant.

How can I recover if I have smoked too much cannabis?

If you’ve smoked too much and you’ve had a blunt or you’re looking for a way to bring down the blunt, there are several techniques that can help you. But the only thing that will really make the high go away will be time, as as the hours go by, the high will wear off.

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6 techniques that will help you to get the cannabis high down.

  1. Don’t panic, relax and take a deep breath.
  2. Lemon and black pepper: squeeze a lemon and pour some pepper into the liquid to smell the aroma. Or chew some black peppercorns and it should give you some relief.
  3. Hydrate: Drinking water will hydrate you and help reduce the excess. As well as hydrating, it will help combat dry mouth and keep you focused on drinking and swallowing. But above all, don’t drink alcohol – alcoholic drinks can increase THC levels in the blood.
  4. Drink coffee or tea: Drinking coffee or a cup of tea will help keep your brain switched on, the caffeine can stimulate you and help bring down the bad trip a bit.
  5. Eat, take a shower or just sleep: any of these three things will help to bring down that nasty feeling.
  6. Take CBD: CBD helps to counteract the effects of THC. You can find CBD-based products in our shop.

Cannabis edibles overdose

Special care must be taken when consuming marijuana edibles, when smoking the effects are almost immediate, but when ingesting marijuana the effects take approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours. This makes it very difficult to control the effect, as many people think that they are not getting high and continue consuming, and when it really takes effect, they can suffer an intoxication due to an overdose.

It is said that an adult person would have to ingest more than 50 grams of pure THC to have a 50% chance of it being lethal.

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Our recommendation is that, if you are thinking of consuming THC products, do not overdo it with the dosage, as the sensation will no longer be pleasant. You can apply the same techniques mentioned above to reduce the effect.

If you find that it doesn’t wear off or something is wrong, see a doctor, but don’t drive, call a friend or an ambulance.

This content is intended for educational purposes only. The information provided comes from research compiled by external sources.

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